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  • Feminine Wash With Kacip Fatimah is extracted from a popular herb in Malaysia that has been traditionally used in a number of women’s health applications, including for feminine hygiene and as an anti-fungal agent. Despite the numerous advantages of using this natural herb, it can still be quite difficult to get hold of it. The reason …

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  • Unique formula contains natural tea tree oil and calcium phosphate. Effectively prevents bad breath. A,lso has antibacterial and teeth protection functions, prevents periodontosis. CONTENTS: Tea Tree Oil, Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate TRADITIONAL USES: .Kill germs .Prevents mouth ulcer .Prevents bad breath .Protects your teeth from plaque .Gives you a whiter and stronger teeth. FEATURES .Fluoride free …


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  • What is Yeegano Capsule? Dynapharm Yeegano Capsule is an effective natural dietary supplement that is used to improve the health of people. Many factors such as stress and anxiety, changes in lifestyle and food habits, increase in age, and infection are known to cause oxidative stress in the body which affects overall health. Dynapharm Yeegano …

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