Yeegano 90cap


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What is Yeegano Capsule? Dynapharm Yeegano Capsule is an effective natural dietary supplement that is used to improve the health of people. Many factors such as stress and anxiety, changes in lifestyle and food habits, increase in age, and infection are known to cause oxidative stress in the body which affects overall health. Dynapharm Yeegano Capsule help in preventing or reversing these signs or symptoms by helping the body restore its normal homeostatic state. Other Benefits : Increase anti-body count to strengthen the immune system. Help in clearing viruses and toxins in the body. Increases oxygen in the body to enhance metabolism and improve cell generation. Reduce cholesterol/lipid and blood sugar levels. Normalize cholesterol level. Prevent fragmentation of platelets which cause blood clots. Balances Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Dosage 1 Capsule once a day (1×1) – First week 2 Capsules two times a day (2×2) – Following weeks


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